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Content Provider Guide to Accessibility
Guide Table of Contents
Web Accessibility Services at Your Institution

Many, if not all, secondary and higher education institutions has resources dedicated to web accessibility. These resources can typically be found in IT and disability services departments.
Seeking out these local resources could be beneficial if you are new to generating web content or web accessibility.
Accessibility Testing Browser Plugins

Two of the most common accessibility testing browser plugins are Wave and Siteimprove. Both have their pros and cons. SIDEARM Sports uses both together to test for technical accessibility issues.

It is recommended that content providers test their published and preview pages with these plugins.


Some of the techniques in this document require editing the HTML source code.
Color Contrast

Color contrast is important for users with color blindness and other vision impairments. Contrast is measured by the difference between two tones, background and foreground, and is represented by a ratio.

The WCAG AA rules state that text should have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 or higher for text under 14pt or 19px. A 3:1 contrast ratio or higher is acceptable for larger text greater than or equal to 14pt and 19px.

SIDEARM Sports aims to have all text contrast ratios to be at least 4.5:1 for all text in the site templates.

Even though accessibility scanning tools like Wave and Siteimprove do not check images for text contrast, content providers should still make the text in these images accessible.

  • WebAIM: Color Contrast Checker
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Alternative Text

All images on your site should have alternative text associated with them to allow for screen readers to interpret the image content. See below for instructions on adding alternative text while performing a single image or batch image upload.
Single Image

When uploading a single image, the alternative text should be added as part of the image information fields, in the image edit window.
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Batch Uploaded Images

After performing a batch upload, image alternative text can be added in the Batch Edit Metadata section of the CMS.
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